Credit Cards For Bad Credit Department Stores

Credit Cards For Bad Credit Department Stores

We all like department stores. The glossy counters, bright lights, and whimsical window displays have a way of luring shoppers in to purchase their name-brand products. And to amp up the appeal, many department stores also present store credit cards that seem to unlock exclusive awards and discounts.

What’s not as quiet, however, is having your credit card application denied because of your bad credit. But there is no need to feel too rejected —  a lot of store credit cards are not the deal they seem to be. Store cards generally charge high APRs and may only be used, or have their awards redeemed, on branded purchases.

Usually, the typical rewards card ensures more shopping deals and deeper savings for users. The only hang-up is that clients with poor credit have limited options — whether it’s for a store credit card or for all-purpose awards cards that may be used anywhere. Yet, even with a weak score, there are still some cards out there worth checking out.

Consider One of the Best Open-Loop Cards For Poor Credit

A lot of store cards sound sweet to the ears but have limitations that may sour your credit point. Branded, closed-loop credit cards not only forbid where or how you use them, but they also require a difficult credit pull to open.

So if you are trying to rebuild and pay down debt, it is difficult to warrant a department store credit card that may only be used on a shopping haul at your local mall.

Instead, you are better off staying on budget and scooping up extra savings in the process through an all-purpose, open-loop credit card that may be used on everyday buying. Our expert-rated poor-credit card issuers have easy online applications and flexible conditions that will run your needs.

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