Credit Cards For Someone With Bad Credit

You can take a credit card with bad credit, but it will not be one of those cards you see advertised with rich awards or exclusive perks. Instead, it will be a quite basic card. That is okay. You are not going to be relying on this card forever. The idea is to use it to rebuild or build your credit, then move on to a better card.

We trust the best credit cards for bad credit are secured cards. With those cards, you provide a security deposit, which protects the issuer in case you do not pay. (When you shut or upgrade the account, you can take your deposit back.) The deposit decreases the risk, making secured cards some of the easiest cards to have. Approval is not guaranteed, though — you still necessary to show you have income, and bankruptcies or other serious matters on your credit report can cause you to be denied.

Other options contain unsecured cards for bad credit, which do not require a deposit but tend to charge high charges that, over time, add up to more than the typical deposit on a secured card. Store credit cards may also be easier to have, although they typically have low credit limits and high-interest rates, so proceed with caution.

Do Not Waste Time On Credit Cards For Good Or Perfect Credit

Avoid applying for credit cards aimed for someone with high credit scores, “just to see” if you can take approved. You are very likely to be denied and the additional applications may damage your credit score even more.

You can typically say a credit card is aimed for anyone with perfect credit by the benefits it provides. Credit cards with excellent awards, low APRs, and promotional interest rates are almost every time aimed at consumers with excellent credit. Applicants with poor credit scores are generally denied.

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